Sweet chewy pearl sugar waffles. Freshly made brunch. Proper milkshakes. Crêpes, pancakes and more

The Liège Waffle. No ordinary waffle

You haven’t had waffles like these before.

Chewy handmade Liège waffles hide tiny pieces of caremalized pearl sugar in a soft flaky waffle.

We love pairing these moreish waffles with fruit and chocolate.

Waffle & Scoop Deli Store

Buy handmade deli products for home or restaurant. Delivery available to UK only

Belgian Pearl Sugar

Real Belgian Pearl Sugar drops perfect for desserts. Turns into caramelized syrup when placed against a hot iron or heated to a high temperature. Essential for making Belgian Liège Waffles.

Liège Waffle Dough

Handmade Belgian Liège Waffle dough proofed and frozen. Once defrosted and allowed to rise again, the waffles will be as good as any freshly baked Liège Waffle. Delivered as frozen dough.

Halal Salt beef & Pastrami

100% HMC approve Aberdeen Angus Salt beef & Pastrami Brisket brined with a sweet and hot mix of herbs and spices. Delivered frozen and vacuum packed to stay fresh for months.

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Food & Brunch

Yep, cheesy waffles, spicy beans and poached egg. Salt beef waffle sandwich? Loaded cheesy fries? Make it special with toasted salt beef. See full Food & Brunch menu

Milkshakes & Smoothies

What happens when you add several tablespoons of cocoa powder to amazingly silky soft-serve ice cream? You get the 73% Dark Chocolate milkshake obvs.

Crepes & Pancakes

Enjoy a pancake or 4, and a side helping of crepe. See full dessert menu

Pickup or Deliver

If you can’t visit us, you can order to your sofa through Deliveroo or Uber Eats