Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only serve waffles?

No! Take a look at the Menu and you’ll find sweet and savoury waffles, healthy yet indulgent brunch, cakes, sundaes, gelato and milkshakes!
We also serve coffee every which way, a choice of different teas and cold drinks.

Whatever you order from Waffle & Scoop, we guarantee it’s made from exceptional ingredients, carefully chosen for their provenance, quality and above all, taste!

Are Belgian Liège Waffles and the normal round shaped American Waffles the same?

The dough for our famous Liège waffles comes from a secret recipe that dates all the way back to the 1950s. The dough – you read it right, not batter – with sugar pearls that caramelise in the waffle iron is made by hand in Belgium by artisan bakers using the same methods they’ve used for 60 or more years.
This means that each waffle is traditional, authentic and completely and utterly delicious!

Are your waffles suitable for vegetarians?

Liège Waffles are made using eggs but we can make vegan American style waffles on demand – just ask a member of staff. Brunch Waffles vary – we have vegan, vegetarian and meat options.

What about allergies?

Many of our products including our waffles contain eggs, gluten, soy beans and wheat and may also contain nuts. If you are unsure, please ask

Are your products halal?